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Goaler1 Slideboards with Your Logo!

Need slideboards, slide board carry bags and footwear branded to show your logo? Customize your G1 Slide Board, G1 Carry Bag or G1 Footwear with your team, school, organization or company logo!

Customizing G1 Slide Boards, Footwear and Carry Bags is easy and affordable and allows you to stand out from the crowd and provides the reinforcement of your brand. In today's competitive marketplace it is more important then ever to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Don't settle for someone else's brand, make it your own!

Customized Slide Boards, Footwear and Carry Bags are ideal for:

Hockey and Fitness Product Manufacturers and Retailers Do you sell or manufacture hockey or fitness equipment that can integrate with G1Slideboards.com products? Use customized slide boards and footwear in point-of-purchase environments to demonstrate your products or extend the range of products that you offer by offering G1Slideboards.com products with your custom printed logo. Slideboards, Carry Bags and Footwear can easily expand the range of products that you can offer to your audience giving you an competitive edge in the marketplace allowing you to generate more revenue without having to manufacture additional merchandise.

Training Centers Promote your business and give a more cohesive, professional look to your facility by customizing your G1 Slide Boards and Footwear with your logo. Clients will notice that you have put in the extra effort to show professionalism and pride in your business when they see your logo printed on your equipment. Separate yourself from your competition by managing your image and showing you care about your clients and what you do.

Hockey Schools The first step to getting people to buy your services is getting your name out there and you can never have too much advertising. Chances are your students have friends with similar interests and those friends should be your students also! Promote your business effortlessly by customizing G1 Slide Boards, Footwear and Carry Bags for your students and see your business grow.

Training and Hockey Organizations The number one way to bring an organization is through a sense of unity. Bring your organization closer together and give it a sense of pride with custom printed G1 Slide Boards, Footwear and Carry Bags. Let everyone know who your members are and promote your organization!

Goaler1 Customized Footwear

Slide Board Customization Pricing*

Initial One-Time Set up Fee: $150.00 Printing: 1 - 5 boards $50 per logo 6 - 20 boards $25 per logo 21 - 50 boards $15 per logo 51 or more $5 per logo

Footwear Customization Pricing* Initial One-Time Set up Fee: $75 Printing: $4.00 per pair (minimum 10 pair)

Carry Bag Customization Pricing* Initial One-Time Set up Fee: $100.00 Printing: $10.00 per bag (minimum 5 bags)

Getting started is easy! Just email us at CustomerSupport@G1Slideboards.com with your name, phone number, and a vector logo. One of our representatives will contact you to go over the rest of the details and before you know it you will be on your way to supplying customized slideboards, footwear and carry bags!

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery on all custom orders.